The Basics:
3 & 4 Year Old Classes
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Registration: $150.00
Tuition: $180.00
Church member and sibling discounts.
Welcome to HPC Preschool! Our mission is to provide families in Hartwood and the surrounding community with a play-based preschool that utilizes the best practices in early childhood development; nurtures each child's unique gifts; and brings glory to God!

You will find that our intentionally small preschool operates like a family. There are many opportunities for parents and grandparents to volunteer in the classroom. We have taught multiple siblings over the years. We joke that this is a small town -- and no where is that more evident than HPC Preschool!

Here's what we believe: Children need to touch, need to move, need to ask questions, need to have choices, need the opportunities to make big plans and follow through. We also know that each child develops at his or her own pace. At HPC Preschool, children are given the space, the materials, and the guidance to follow their interests and utilize their gifts as they prepare for big kid challenges and adventures.